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Senior High Society E-Book

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There’s no such thing as a life that involves just an unlimited number of rainbows, and smiles, and lollipops. We live in reality, and there is always room for improvement.



The school is known to be the second home of the students. Inside the school, students will learn various things such as how to be sociable and how to deal with people. It is very imperative for them to develop their social skills.

A student like you can learn how to establish friendships and relate socially with children and adults while you are at the school. Unfortunately, social expectations and friendships usually trigger stress to teenagers especially to a student who faces social problems.

This book is primarily designed to provide all important topics and ideas that can help the students learn how they can develop their social skills.

  • Chapter 01: Common social problems in schools
  • Chapter 02: Discover your talent & build higher self esteem
  • Chapter 03: Participation in group events for students
  • Chapter 04: Volunteer to be a leader to build leadership skills
  • Chapter 05: Be the man of your word, demonstrate reliability
  • Chapter 06: Continuous improvement on your mistakes
  • Chapter 07: Be friendly and make lots of friends
  • Chapter 08: Take up responsibilities in assignments
  • Chapter 09: Respect other people differences
  • Chapter 10: Show your resourcefulness through sharing knowledge